Sunday, September 30, 2007

Forest Park Arts Fest

The show was great!! thanks to everyone who came to say hi and thank you for reading the article in Forest Park Review, if you didn't here it is...

Many people had questions about where to buy Pock-it palz. If you live in the Chicago area you can purchace them at Rotofugi (not available online, sorry). Or just send me an email, if there is a specific pal that you like on my blog that you want but you would like a specific color feel free to pick any color of the rainbow and I will probably have it.

Thank you :)

A few new palz...

Another new Pal to add to the family!, Koo-Koo bird + little bird. Little bird is in the back (not in photo). He is a very colorful bird loved by all.

New and friendly Moustache Mike + little mike.. looks like someone needs to shave!

*Both were available at Forest park Arts fest.

Flop +little flop

Here is the new Flop +little flop they were available at the Forest park fest, if you were there thanks for coming!

*If you are intrested in purchusing Flop + little flop you can send me an email.

luisa :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Plush You!" Seattle, WA

Here is what I sent in for Plush You! in Seattle, WA this October. For anyone in Seattle the opening is October 12th at...

Fancy+Pants Gallery
1914 Second Ave
Seattle WA 98101

There will be many other amazing plush artists participating so check it out!