Saturday, July 7, 2007

My first custom vinyl

I'm more of a plush toy person but i thought i'd try to a little custom vinyl toy. He is a DIY Munny that can be purchased at a toy store like Rotofugi.

I call him an Infested Plushie, he was made just for fun since this is the first time i've ever tried to paint one of these before.


ms. miller said...

Wow, Luisa - he looks awesome! Mr. Leban and I own a couple of DIY vinyl toys, but we've left ours white.

...maybe I am too nervous about messing it up? ...or too cheap to buy another if I do? ha ha

Keep up the great work!

Luisa Castellanos said...

yeah they are really fun!, thanks :)

Shapes Of Sweetness said...

Button Eyes and the Polka Dot Beret is pure awesomeness. The kinda of awesomeness that makes you drool loads. Keep throwing new stuff up. Chow!